Den of the Rackufs, the wolves that eat rocks. Rackufs works in highly organized packs to take down prey so be sure to be on your guard

Optimal Level Headcount: Level 15-19,  4-5 player party Dungeon


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Elite Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
15 Scared Familiar 15 Weak Rackuf
16 Adventurer Poporing 16 Cave Familiar
16 Cave Spider 16 Furious Familiar
16 Hiding Cave Spider 16 Lost Poporing
16 Rackuf Scout 16 Wild Female Rackuf
17 Rackuf Illusionist 17 Wild Male Rackuf
18 <Freyjan> Rackuf Trainer

Summoned Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
10 Adventurer King's Fission Fragment 11 Aracnoa's Baby
16 Red Scar Escort

Elite Bosses

Level Monster Name
18 Adventurer King Poporing
18 Araknoa
19 Red Scar