Veriel's Story

Veriel was the best artisan in the entire continent of Midgard. His future was an undoubtedly smooth road. However, Jibril, who could not surpass Veriel no matter how hard he tried, planned out a terrible scheme to one day destroy Veriel's hands.

Jibril feigns an accident to bring his plan to life, and Veriel loses his hands. The hands are the most important part of the body to an artisan; Veriel, who was no longer able to be an artisan, spent his days in a drunken corrupted despair. Then one day Veriel discovers that the accident that had cost him his hands was in fact not an accident and caused by Jibril. Unable to control his anger Veriel murders Jibril with his favourtie knife, using his mouth to deal the blow.

In the same moment that Veriel killed Jibril the Day of Despair descended upon his city.

Activating Veriel

Once your "Guardian Gauge" becomes full it will flash and glow. You can then press "v" or click the Profession Emblem next to the Guardian Gauge to call the Guardian for a certain amount of time.


Once activated Guardians have powers that increase a players skills up to a maximum of 30 seconds. These powers allow the player to use exclusive skills. These exclusive skills are strong but the more you use the exclusive skills the faster Guardian Mode is depleted. The Guardian and exclusive skills you gain depends on your profession. As your profession level increases you will become more powerful.

Veriel significantly increases the summoners flee, movement speed, casting speed, and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Shining Gimlet that afflicts quick continuous damage on far away enemies.

Guardian have diffrent stages: lvl 10, lvl 30 and lvl 45

  • Lvl 10 gives 30% Movement Speed, 10% Haste rate and 10% Vigor rate.
  • Lvl 30 gives 60% Movement Speed, 20% Haste rate and 20% Vigor rate.
  • Lvl 45 gives 90% Movement Speed, 30% Haste rate and 30% Vigor rate.