Personal Shop

Once you have reached level 10, you are eligible to set up a personal shop using your characters to trade items for ingame gold.
You can set it up anytime and anywhere.
No auction fee is charged and sales statuses are available immediately. Any great merchant would benefit from this system by earning extra money.
The Craft Agent system allows players to craft items for others. This is a great incentive to level up your job level and craft an item that another player would gladly pay for.



To be the ultimate trader in Ragnarok Online , you would also need to use the Auction System. The Auction system is a great way to sell your wares and look for more valuable items!

To use it, look for Kafra Roshina to access the Auction House. From there you can put up your items starting price and the duration of the bid (1,3,7 days). By the end of the bidding period if the items are sold successfully reap the rewards!

Auction Auction2