Payon ForestMap


Payon Valley area where Payon village was located a long time ago, has well preserved and dense forest. It’s dark inside the forest even during the day because the trees block most of the sunlight. Payon village was vanished a long time ago due to the attack of Valkyrie Randgris and the great disaster happened on the day of despair. The deep buried ruins of the village emerged when the dimensional crack opened up.

Type: Field



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General Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name
25 Fearful Bear
27 Baby Poison Spore 27  Baby Venom Spore
27 Bigfoot 27 Poison Spore
27 Spray Poison Spore 27 Spray Venom Spore
27 Venom Spore
28 Giant Bigfoot 28 Little Bigfoot
28 OB Bear 28 Poison Toad
28 Toad 29 Black Tiger
29 Boa 29 Hungry Payon Tiger
29 Iron Boa 29 Payon Tiger
29 Poison Boa 29 Tasteless Truffle
29 Tasty Truffle 29 Truffle
30 Miho Guard 30 Miho Scattered Troops
30 Miho Scout 30 Miho Stormer
30 Miho Warden 31 Crabit
31 Evi Horong 31 Fallen Crusader
31 Horong 31 Killer Crabit
31 Nine Tails 31 Punished Horong
31 Sohee 32 Blazing Imp
32 Cursed Nine Tails 32 Gajomart
32 Imp 32 Purifying Gajomart
32 Sobbing Sohee

Summoned Monsters

Level Monster Name Level Monster Name

Mini Bosses

Level Monster Name
27 Dospore
27 Maspore
29 Anantia
29 Leader of the Forest
29 Toad King
29 Truffle of Truffles
30 Chief Whirimzu
32 Witch Leira

Elite Bosses

Level Monster Name
30 Virus
32 Illusion of Moonlight Flower