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As the saying goes, the more the merrier. Enjoy your adventures in RO2 with friends by using the party system. It would be beneficial during quests and more importantly dungeon raids! Kill Counts and Quest Items will be shared if the hitter is in the party. But for the Quest Item you will have to click the dead monster manually to get the items. 

Select a player to a party or use the party invite command to start a party.

Locations with high difficulty levels as Raid Dungeons, require a raid squad of 10 players.

Having trouble finding a party? Use the RO2 Party Lookup System to find a party for you!
Using the Party Lookup System will enable a party leader to post a recruitment.
Players who are looking for a party to join can also send a message to be invited to an existing party.


A quick look at the party menu:


Need / Greed System

  • On items green or rarer you have the option of selecting NEED, GREED, or just closing the box with the infamous 'x' icon.
  • Players tend to follow the current rule... 
  • Cards - Always Need (Who doesn't need cards? Unless of course you are venturing with a buddy and they obviously need it...)
  • Items you cannot wear. Most items are bound on pickup. At least those found in dungeon and boss monsters, so be mindful of your fellow party members and their classes. If you cannot wear it, simply greed it... because after all, you only want it to sell...
  • If you are one of the lucky few that need the item as an upgrade, select NEED. 
  • NEED rolls ALWAYS supercede GREED. For instance, if there are 4 people in the party and one player chooses NEED and the other GREED... the one player that chose need wins. He does not need to roll for it, because no one else competed. Now if two players NEED for the same item. A random roll from 1 to 999 is rolled and the highest number wins the item. Fair right?
  • This system was designed so that players could respect one another and be courteous and offered a fair chance at an item. Don't be the guy that NEEDS on everything just because he wants it. You will end up not staying in parties for very long. Be courteous and mindful to others and share the loot.