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Class Characteristics

All the elements of the world can be handled by these magicians at the tip of their fingers. They can manipulate magic naturally and can use them to inflict devastating damages to their enemies. They gain their ability through innate talent or study. They can detect powers that is invisible to other people’s eyes. Through training, they can master how to manage their mental strength.

Mages have a low defense which makes them weak from physical attacks. However, they do have a lot of mental strength to help them dominate on the battlefield.

The Magician provides a second type of DPS. While not as quick as the Thief, spells can be combo'd and do high single target damage. If you group them with a good Tank to keep the damage off them, and have a Thief take care of any secondary threats that might target the Mage, you got yourself an A-Class nuker!

Skill Tree