Instanced Dungeons are full of ruthless monsters and magnificent rewards! Dungeons range with parties of five, where friends can play together to boost level up, and there are Raid Dungeons where heroes of the highest levels challenge themselves.

  • Dungeons are full of spectacular action for players of all levels to enjoy.
  • Dungeon difficulty levels range from NORMAL to HARD.
  • NORMAL is appropriate for beginners to experience dungeon action.
  • HARD dungeons are full of advanced contents composed of powerful monsters and great rewards; which also include the electrifying excitement of battle. HARD dungeons are locked until level 50.

Dungeon Tips & Playstyles

  • Typically there are 5 members in a party: a tank, a healer, and 3 damage dealers also noted as "DPS" for short. See Sensei's - Dungeon Roles for an in depth explaination.

List of Dungeons in RO2


RO2 - Dungeon Guide

RO2 - Dungeon Guide