Getting Started

Plunging headfirst into Ragnarok 2 is fun, but newer players will benefit from having some knowledge of what will occur during the game. Remember, though, that Ragnarok 2, lika all MMORPGs, are dynamic and things constantly change.

Creating A Character

Before you can start playing, you need to set up a character (the person you will play as). Once you have logged in, you will be presented with a Server choice window, then you need to choose the channel you want to play in. After this, you will see an empty field. Over time this field will be filled with your characters maximum of 3.

Click the "Create Character" button to create a character. You will now need to choose your character's appearance, Class, Job , and name.

Introduction to Ragnarok 2: Legend of The Second

The world is divided up into a vast variety of regions. There are [[Category:Towns|Towns] where you are safe and can chat with other players; there are Fields, open regions where you can encounter wild monsters, and Dungeons, where more challenging trials await!

Finding Where You Are

Use the the map or press 'M' key to find out where you are. You will be shown a map and your position. If you're completely lost and have some friends, you can tell them your location and they'll find you.


Getting from place to place is a common task you will need to do. There are many ways to get around.

Returning to Your Save Point

Each character will have a save point. This is the place where you will return to if all goes wrong (for example, you get killed or stuck). To set your save point, find a Kafra in one of the cities (you can ask around if you don't know where). If you get lost in your journeys and just want to get home, you can return to your save point by dying, or using a Butterfly Wing item.

Starting Points of Different Classes