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Food Material Drop List

Here, a compilation of ingredients found on the various monsters are compiled. 

Note: All materials found on monsters are of the same type. Example: Poring and Poor Poring both produces Jellopy. Brown Ruckuf Baby and Brown Ruckuf produces Tough Meat.

Make sure to gather your ingredients by looting the Monster twice.

Icon Item Name Found on Monster(s)
Edible Jellopy Poring (West Mount Mjollnir)
Edible Pollen Flips (West Mount Mjollnir)
Green Jellopy Poporing, Boss in Wolves (South Plains)
High Protein Collagen Thief Bug, Fabres (Mount Mjollnir)
Grasshopper Legs Rockers (East Mount Mjollnir)
Butterfly Tube Creamy (East Mount Mjollnir)
Edible Antenna Swamp Thief Bugs (East Mount Mjollnir)
Tough Leaves Andanora (East Mount Mjollnir)
Flips Stamen Flips (East Mount Mjollnir)
Low Fat Omega 3 Rabong (South Plains)
Tough Meat Rackruf (South Plains)
Peco Peco Meat Peco Peco (South Plains)
Fresh Fish Meat Mermans/Mermaids (Izrud Hill)
Frog Eggs Rodafrog, Rodafrogu (South Plains)

Edible Gondre Stems

Wormtail (South Plains) 
Smoldering Heart Horong (Payon)
Million Mushroom

Poison Spore (Izrud Hill)

Crab Pincer Coraltus (Izrud Hill - Beach)

Herbal Eggplant

Mandragora (Maple Town)
Edible Grasshopper Wings trancers (Izrud Hill)
Toad Webbed Feet Toad, Poison Toad, Toad King (Payon)
Soild Bear Front Paw Bigfoot (Payon)
Snake Backbone No 5 Boas (Payon) 
Large Slippery Scale Python (Maple Town)
Hot Mantis Urine Mantis (Maple Town)
Gremlin Wrinkled Feet Gremlin (Maple Town)
Anti-Bacterial Pig Tail Savage (Divided Plains)
Chewy Antenna Hell Bugs (Divided Plains)
Root Tentacle Nepenthes (Verta Delta)
Frog Fin Frogs (Sograt)
Topshell Horn Hermitus + all crabs (Verta Delta)
Water Soluble Sweet Sap 

Manderu (Verta Delta) 

Crunchy Shell Potemkin (Divided Plains)
Senticous Fruit  Prank  (Verta Delta)
Tail Skin Pereiz (Divided Plains)