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Other than the main Class a character has, you can also select another sideline job. You can choose to be a Chef, Alchemist, Artisan or Blacksmith. Each job specializes in crafting a specific type of items which will be beneficial to the players themselves or to trade with other players. To increase your level in a specific job , you would need to gain Job Experience. In order to gain Job EXP, one would need to constantly craft based on recipes of that job or mine/gather materials. To get the recipes you would need to talk to the respective Job NPC located in Prontera.

Whenever you are tired of battle, take the time to master your crafting skills!




Job icon alchemist.png

The Alchemist collects various herbs to create potions which can recover HP or SP. Using their expert knowledge, they can also create special potions which boost vitality. To purchase Alchemist recipes to craft, talk to Heis the Alchemist Expert in Prontera (N : 969 S:697)


Job icon artisan.png

Artisans are experts in crafting clothes and light armor using leather and cloth.Tan skins from creatures can be gathered or textile materials can be obtained, to be tailored into wearable clothing. Artisans are also capable of handcrafting various ‘Runes’ that empower weapons and armor with special abilities.

To purchase Artisan recipes to craft, talk to Merin the Artisan Expert in Prontera (N : 845 S:556)


Job icon smith.png

The Blacksmith crafts various weapons and armor, and possess skills to smelt mineral ore found in mines.Blacksmiths can also craft ‘Rune Hole Punch’, which pierces holes in existing weapons and armor; allowing them to hold ‘Runes’.

To purchase Blacksmith recipes to craft, talk to Gruparz the Blacksmith Expert in Prontera (N : 867 S:960)


Job icon chef.png

Chefs create delicious dishes which cause beneficial effects, such as health recovery or boosted abilities.Aside from cooking, a Chef also gathers ingredients and processes them for cooking.

To purchase Chef recipes to craft, talk to Pinoa the Chef Expert in Prontera (N : 969 S:697)

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