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Akineishtar Akineishtar 26 June 2013

How to Delete Pages

Hey guys,

Some tips here from the Admins.. If you guys wanted to delete pages or have Candidates for Speedy Deletion.. Here are some tips..

  • Any user can remove content from a page, but only admins can delete pages completely. This is often done in cases of spam and vandalism, but may also be used to remove unwanted pages
  • Click on the edit button then put this code
  • Admins will be able to study the pages and delete them if needed to.
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SunDeath SunDeath 16 June 2013

Clean up

I've been cleaning up the wiki a bit and found a great way to do it easily. so I went to the Special Pages and simply went down a few groups.

I've cleared up all the Broken Redirects and Double Redirects, all that is left to do on cleaning up is Uncategorized Pages (started on this) and Unused Photos.

I think most of the unused photos (if not all) could be deleted. Perhaps the same is true for all the other unused things. As for the uncategorized pages I simply shifted through it and picked some at random then gave them categories that fit the page. Some monsters (ex. Virus) still need a layout update. The same is true for some items.

Aside from all that I had a question for the Admins, on the Khara Mission pages, do the titles need to be lin…

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SunDeath SunDeath 31 May 2013

Some clearing up regarding Categories.

So seeing how I keep running into pages with the wrong categories, please read this blog and keep to it.

These are all the categories in use at the time, if I missed one let me know and I'll add it. There are some things to note about some of these categories however.

  • Unknown Drops should NOT be removed unless there are more than 3 listed drops. Cards and Quest drops do NOT count towards this number.
  • Unknown Photo should be kept as category until ALL photos are present.
  • Unknown Map is NOT for a missing image of the map, use Unknown Photo for that. I'm sick of seeing Unknown Map instead of Unknown Photo.
  • Those with no value at "Name When Known" indicate they are to be removed.
  • If a monster is used in a Quest add the category: Quests
  • If a monster is used in a…

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SunDeath SunDeath 31 May 2013


So far I've made a page for every monster there is under the Monsters Category (based on an old Revision for the names without links). They now all have the newest template in use, including those of which nothing is known, simply edit the page and alter the information as you gain it. Don't forget to remove the appropriate category when making an edit.

ex. A monster has the

Unknown_Map should be used when the LOCATION is unknown, Unknown Photo for when ANY of the 3 images is missing.

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SunDeath SunDeath 30 May 2013

Lots and Lots of work to be done :)

A quick to-do list to keep track of everything.

  • Get images for monster locations (map)
  • Get images for monsters in-game (if missing)
  • Get images for monster status bars (if missing)
  • Control all pages in Category:Unknown_Map and Category:Unknown_Photo
  • Check all monster drops, if less than [x], add them to Category:Unknown_Drops
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Neoqstar Neoqstar 30 May 2013

Neoqstar's To-Do

  • Fix South Plain category and environment pages so they have same monster list
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Akineishtar Akineishtar 20 May 2013

Monster List Format by Admin Calicozac

redirect from

  • If Photo/Screenshot is not available use as image.
  • Photo/Screenshot size is 80x80px, centered, and png format for transparency.

General Information: Name: Name of the monster

Level: Level of the monster.

Type: The type of monster is either:

  • General  
  • Elite
  • Raid Elite
  • Raid Boss

Attribute: Attribute of the monster is either:

  • Plant
  • Humanoid
  • Insect
  • Animal
  • Fish
  • Demon
  • Metal

Behavior: The behavior of the monster is either:

  • Passive - Needs to be attacked first.
  • Aggressive - Attacks whoever near it.

Map: Place of the monster

Drops: Drops by monster (Do not forget to link it to the page of the item)

  • Sample http://ro2-english.wik…

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Falquinho Falquinho 19 May 2013

About adding monsters


Monster List Format and Editing Information

Hi, i'm falquinho. I recently started playing RO2-LoS. When playing i found a need to get some info abou how to get an especific item. That's how i discovered this wikia. Although the wiki is far for complete' it's the most complete i found. And i decided to help fullfill its purpose. If you are enthusisastic as me, I hope this post will help your cataloguing. I'm also creating this post because I could'nt find a guide to editing the wikia. In this post i'll show you my procedure to add a monster to the wiki. It may not be the best way to do it, but it's a workflow i enjoy.


The first, and IMHO the most importa…

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Akineishtar Akineishtar 17 May 2013

Unified Pattern

Hi Guys,

Thank you all for your contributions and support for this page.. Please use this templates ( as your basis for making edits/new pages so we can have a unified pattern.. We are welcome for more comments and suggestion to make our wikia even better :) 

Xoxo, Akineishtar

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SunDeath SunDeath 17 May 2013


Hello all, so after a while of playing Ragnarok Online 2 I decided to look up a few things and finally came across this wiki. Ever since I found the wiki I've been making edits (mainly the adding of drops) without logging in, today I decided to login (because I wanted to upload an item image :p).

I will keep making edits as I play, these edits will mostly be about items though, quest items, drops, etc.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing this place become big :)

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Maskj003 Maskj003 15 May 2013


So im compleatly new to Ro2 and im only on the second "map" ( Dunno if its classed as a zone or a map, Who cares xD ) And wanted to look stuff on the wiki up. Iv used wikis before and seing as this wiki only has a handfull of active contributers i thought il help out a little bit, Allready fixed a few pages from people deleting em -.-

Anyhow, Hope to see you around some day,

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Vorpal Reaper Vorpal Reaper 1 May 2013

Hello All

Just joined the wiki. I've been wikia-ing for a bit now. I played RO for about 5 years, and I'm really excited about RO2. Hopefully I can contribute a lot.

Happy hunting!

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Ferutus Ferutus 3 March 2013

Easy and Fast leveling guide

At level 1, hunt 'Baby Poring' until you level 2. ( Level 1 EXP bar = 69, kill about 7 poring). 

At level 2, you got two choice:

  • Keep hunting until Level 3 ( Level 1, 2 ,3 EXP bar is not that much )
  • Or. You would like to start follow the quest line ( both main quest and side quest)

From Level 3 - 13, just done ALL side quest and main quest.

  • At Level 5 - 7, you may keep hunting 'Lurker Fly' with a party since it will help your hunting. ( EXP and EQ(Weapon))
  • At Level 6 - 8, most player likely to arrive at a place filled with Chonchon and Choncon Brother. You can gain EXP advantange by killing multiple of this monster until got 20 Chonchon Doll (Khara).
  • At level 11 - 13, you will arrive Culvert ( Prontera Culvert ), you can hunt some equipment there…

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MelRomeo MelRomeo 3 February 2013

Tips Farming General Mats!

Salam , 

Ramai antara korang terfikir mana nak farm General Materials seperti

Nak beli Mahal , Zeny pulak payah nak cari kan ? 

Daripada observation aku dalam game ini , Setelah korang masuk ke Morroc Zone Which is antara level 40 ++

Maka hasil farming korang semakin lama semakin menurun dan korang memerlukan dps yang sangat tinggi untuk mematikan seekor monster dan berharap Mats seperti diatas.

Namun begitu jalan penyelesaiannya adalah dengan berpatah balik ke Mt Mjolnir Zone kerana disinilah tempat yang mana Level  50 Against below 5 which 1 time shoot kompem kojol dan boleh loot dengan selamber. Bunuh jer kat area Monster Academy



Many wondered where want to farm korang General Materials such as  Expensive to buy, zeny pulak troub…

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MelRomeo MelRomeo 2 February 2013

Priest Semi Dps/Healer

Salam yoh , 

Berdasarkan pengalaman aku sebagai seorang Killer Support dari WOW [Paladin] . So sekarang aku gunakan sedikit pengalaman tu untuk adaptasikan untuk stats PRIESTLOL .

So Kat sini gua nak share sikit pasal Priest gua , even takda lah mengancam sangat tapi aku harap ianya boleh diguna pakailah. Dari segi Talent dan Stat points. Gua nak cerita panjang malas tapi kalau korang rasa sesuai untuk korang pakai silakan no problemo. Adalah sedikit perbincangan yang telah dibuat kat dalam Ro2Base tu. So kalau korang nak ubah-ubah still boleh.

Harus diingatkan aku gunakan skills ini dari Acolyte ----> Priest Senang takyah ubah-ubah talent dah haha..

Berikut adalah skill points / Stats yang aku gunakan.


Greetings John,

Based on my exper…

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Synhunter Synhunter 13 January 2013

Fun Facts

  1. Did you know that Healing ability may appear as critical
    • Which mean the 'Heal' will double OR if there is passive that increase the multipier, it will even heal more.
    • The skill Mediatio increases the heal rate when Critical Hit is triggered. 
  2. Don't think that making monk is hard
    • When at Level 25 Acolyte, you can become a Monk. Monk has an unique ability called 'Spiritual Cadence' , which effects : For each 1 intelligence you gain 2 attack power. ( Which mean 1 Intelligence you gain 2 Attack and Magic Power, and Magical Block), but you doesn't gain any Physical Block because it's STR factor
    • So even you increase your INT to max at Acolyte, you don't need to scare of damage lacking at Monk
  3. Any Life Jobs/ Profession have its own goods
    • Eventhough…
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Advent Sensei Advent Sensei 8 January 2013

Party Organization and Roles

It's been said time and time again. Let the tank, well... tank. Let the healers... well heal. However, there is generally an organized method to partying in a dungeon properly and here we will go over the ins and outs of gameplay.

  • 1 The Party
  • 2 The Threat Meter
  • 3 Reset Dungeon
  • 4 The Tank's Job
  • 5 The Healer's Job
  • 6 The Damage Dealer's Job
  • 7 Looting

Typically a party will consist of the following:

  • One Tank (Swordsman) (Knight/Monk/Beastmaster)
  • One Healer (Acolyte) (Priest)
  • 3 DPS (Damage Per Second) (Mage / Archer / Thief) (All of the 2nd base jobs for those three)

Did you know? Each member plays a vital role in the party setup? That's Right!

Just to the top left of the minimap (The very small one, I don't mean the M key) there is a threat meter that can be disp…

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Advent Sensei Advent Sensei 8 January 2013

Chef Materials

So as a Chef, I have found it very cumbersome to remember where everything came from. So naturally, I started making a list.

  • Jellopy Stuff - Porings
  • Pollen - Butterflies
  • Green Jellopy - Poporings
  • High Protein Collagen - Thief Bugs / Fabres (Other Weird Insects)
  • Grasshopper stuff - Rockers
  • butterfly - Creamy, Fancy, etc
  • Edible Atennae - Swamp Thief Bugs
  • Tough Leafs - Adanora
  • Flips Stamen - Flips
  • low fat omega -3 - Rabongs
  • tough meat - rackufs
  • frog eggs - rhodafrog
  • edible gondre stems - wormtails
  • peco peco meat - pecos


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Kiriyuu Kiriyuu 1 January 2013

Random Tips is Random

These are just random tips for random reasons in random updating time.. :3*Artisan & Chef, try not to forget to harvest the materials available from dead monsters. 

  • The fastest way to level up Profession is probably by Crafting [credit to Rxchris] and doing Khara Quests which gives alot of Job Exps.
  • The fastest way to get to level 10 in OBT is probably by just following all the quests available in the map.
  • Try to get into a party with the same quest whenever you want to finish a quest, it finish faster that way (only if the other party members are actively finishing the quests too, not recommended to join a lazy, just-for-leeching party)
  • Dungeon Raids probably the best way to obtain various valuable items, gears, money and exps.
  • Always ask some…
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Calicozac Calicozac 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our contributers and Happy Birthday to me!

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EinSteel EinSteel 30 December 2012

Rise of the Hammer Fall

Hear Ye! Brothers-in-Arms, Blacksmiths of Asgard!~

Rejoice for the great Blacksmith has cometh!

It is I, EinSteel, shall share you thy knowledge of Crafting for the Blacksmith Profession. We shall rise amongst other Jobs, now you have the previlage of studying the new Job system for Blacksmith that RO2 has given. Thus when the Open Beta starts this 3rd of January, YOU shall have the upperhand against other Jobs! And together as brothers, we shall bludgeon monsters, flatten PVP rivals, and especially bask in the glorious shine of unlimited Zeny!

Come! Be a blacksmith and join the Rise of the Hammer Fall! Ahoo! Ahoo! Ahoo

epic and glorius humor aside, I hope you could join and help us improve this wikia ^_^

and check out my blog once in a while, I…

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Kyosuke54 Kyosuke54 28 December 2012

Stats Information

Well as I research and look for some decription about stats this is so far i've manage to look over, some of the name of this stat might changed depending on English translation, I hope this little information I get from stat would help :)

  • STR: Each point raises physical damage by 2 and physical  block by 2.
  • INT: Each point raises magical damage by 2 and magical  block by 2.
  • AGI: Each point raises critical rate by 5 and evasion by 2.
  • WIS: Each point raises Max MP by 10.
  • VIT: Each point raises Max HP by 5.

Please comment back if there will be other information about stats :)


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Rxchris Rxchris 19 December 2012

RO 2 Community Editors

Hello everyone!

We would like to thank you for the editors we got after the first day of making this wiki. We would like to encourage you to help us expanding our wiki to help others and make the most out of it. As of now I'm looking for a fellow admins that can help me administrating the wiki. I will observe our registered editors and will make a personal message for invite as a staff of the wiki.Our goal is to make thie wiki good enough to help people before the 27th od December 2012.  Have fun and Enjoy the Holidays.


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