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If you hear loud sounds that makes your ears ring it might be the sound of a Blacksmith's hammer working their trade.
Blacksmiths are specialized to craft many kinds of weapons and armors, they can also obtain and refine minerals. Blacksmiths can not only craft weapons and armors they can craft many items related to minerals, this is a very important job in the world.

Harvesting & Manufacturing

Blacksmiths harvest Field Minerals, Ores to use in the creation of Weapons, Drills and Heavy armor.

How to harvest minerals

In Ragnarok Online 2, ores are obtained through mining rocks that appear in any field map. Blacksmiths will notice the glow on available rocks in the game. These rocks are indication for mining. Ores are mined at random, and variety changes as you proceed into different fields. 

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To begin mining, approach the stone. Hover your mouse above the stones and the cursor will turn into a pickaxe. You do not need any tools in your inventory.

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You will receive the ore after completing the bar. Quantity obtained is at random. 

Mining ores in Mjolnir, blacksmith obtains 1 to 2 Small, Medium or Large rocks. While mining in South Plains, he gets 1 to 2 Small, Medium or Large Copper Ore. 

Guardian: Vulcan


Early on in his life Vulcan established himself as the best blacksmith in the entire content of Midgard. His name was known by all.

It was said that Vulcan was the one to have created the holy sword of Jormungand that tore the curtain leading to Vanaheim and expelled Freya. Vulcan was unable to complete his lifetime wish to create the Gods weapon and met the Day of Despair whilst in his forge.


Vulcan increases the summoners melee defense and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Hammerfall, which decreases the enemies defense.